What People Are Saying About Our Coaching & Our Talks/Workshops

“Excellent, thought provoking!”

– Frances W. (Workshop Attendee)

“Incredibly helpful… brings things together in a magical and natural way. Many beautiful changes since starting this journey and deep appreciation for [Bobby’s] genuine care and natural skill.”
– Wayra S. (Coaching Client)

“Helped analyze myself! Thank you!!!”
HannahElise M. (Workshop Attendee)

“I was in a place of uncertainty and indecision about my future. Bobby has helped me gain clarity on what I want out of life and what I can do to get there. He really helps me sift through all of the thoughts in my head and get to the nut and bolts about what I want and how I can obtain it.”

– Aric J. (Coaching Client)


“Bobby possesses a unique gift for empowering individuals to discover their inner strength and purpose. In my personal experience, Bobby’s words have been a guiding light, showing me how to transform my focus into action towards my goals. Not only does he motivate, but he also provides practical guidance.”

– Michael G. (Coaching Client)


“Bobby’s inspiring messages have guided me to live intentionally and live with purpose.”
– Marc C. (Workshop Attendee)

“Bobby advised me how to dig deep and turn my thoughts into actions. I was able to create a new vision for myself that I hadn’t seen prior to our meeting. Bobby takes the time to carefully consider thoughts and ideas, or any other issues you may be facing turning them into a reality with meaning and purpose.”

– Gio S. (Coaching Client)



– Maureen K. (Workshop Attendee)


“Found my gratitude!”
– Kenny S. (Workshop Attendee)

“Thought-provoking… Thank you!”

– Anonymous (Workshop Attendee)


“It helped me focus!”

– Polly K. (Workshop Attendee)


“Found my gratitude!”
– Kenny S. (Workshop Attendee)

You did an absolutely phenomenal job!

Ramona Rogers, RIO Conferences (Mindset Reset Conference ’24)