Picture Book Creation Course

Learn every step of the process used by Free Minds Thrive Books to create picture books from start to finish (including how to self-publish your own books). Book creator and author R.R. Vincench (Bobby) breaks down this straightforward process so you can follow step-by-step or modify based on your own preferences and style. Get instant access to all 8 videos now!


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Story & Artwork

Get all of Bobby’s tips for creating your story and artwork and bringing them together.


Designing The Book

Find out how we put the words and illustrations together to create the digital design documents needed to publish your own books.

Self-Publishing Your Book

Discover Bobby’s tips and guidance for turning your book into a reality with IngramSpark or Amazon KDP.

So You Want To Make A Picture Book

Author R.R. Vincench (Bobby) takes everything you can go research on your own, and puts it together in an easy-to-understand process that’s actually been used to successfully create several children’s picture books from start to finish. This process could be used for colorings books and other “short” visual-heavy books as well. And if you have any questions after you complete the course, you can watch it again (and pause and start as needed) or reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to clarify something for you. This is OUR SPECIAL PROCESS for doing it. There are other ways. But this is ours, followed by book creator and author R.R. Vincench to make all his own books.

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The Course!

The first video in the course is complimentary so you can get an idea what the course experience is like.

About Free Minds Thrive Books

True to the spirit and mission of the Free Minds Thrive brand, our books have deeper meaning that invites children to think beyond their years and stretch the amazing powers and capabilities of their curious, creative and critical minds.

Course Videos Topics

Welcome & Mindset

Let's Begin

Story & Working With Others

Laying Out The Book

Starting Your Design Document


Next Steps

The Final Pieces


A Few Words From Bobby

If you’ve always thought about making your own picture book and want some helpful, thoughtful and practical advice on how to do it… this course is for you! There may be many ways to do this, but this is my process, and we’ve done it several times already with success and efficiency. You could go look it all up yourself, absolutely! But we’ve made it easy to get started all in one place. Enjoy!

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