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Experience our multi-part “Year of Thrive” digital workshop course by experienced and certified Life Legacy Coach Bobby Vincench, and get powerful bonus content to continue forward on your self-paced journey. $37 for lifetime course access.

A Few Words From Bobby And His Clients And Event Attendees


1.5 hours of learning to live with more intention, clarity and control over your life and legacy


Delve into various exercises designed to get you thinking and living with more intention and clarity in your life and legacy. Finally start taking control instead of being a victim to life’s circumstances by finding your motivation and crafting your plan.

A Glimpse Into The Course

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Bobby Vincench


Bobby Vincench is helping people finally thrive in their story by using their desired legacy to inspire their life.

Bobby is an experienced and certified Life Legacy Coach who uses the powers of intuition, creativity and logic to help people solve their modern day problems and thrive in their lives and legacy. He is the founder and coach at Free Minds Thrive, and the creator of the Your Thriving Legacy coaching program.

Bobby sees the tragic decline of the thriving human mind, body and spirit, and has a deep understanding of the many elements that collide and cause life’s problems. And he is on a mission to free the modern man and woman from the shackles of confusion, conformity, and complacency. To live with more intention, clarity and confidence.

Bobby believes in the divine power of human creativity and intelligence, and guides people to expand their innate human capabilities in a world of artificial “health”, “happiness”, and “intelligence”. He reconnects people with their innate power to influence and control their own life, destiny and legacy.

For over 20 years, Bobby has been connecting with and understanding people in his various human-facing roles within organizations. He has a diverse and vast range of experience in areas such as: building relationships, training individuals and groups, facilitating authentic discussions, sales, marketing, content creation, market intelligence gathering, written and verbal communication, problem solving, improving products and systems, and more. This experience has helped Bobby to develop the necessary awareness, knowledge, wisdom and skills to be a valuable partner and leader to individuals and organizations.

His passions and interests include road tripping, camping, connecting with nature, exploring new places, storytelling, unlocking people’s minds, and seeking truth in the world.

Bobby is also a proud father and husband, homeschool dad and community leader, children’s book author, and passionate advocate for divine human freedom.

What Clients Are Saying

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"Excellent, thought provoking!"

Francis W.

“I like the systematic, methodical, organized way in which the workshop was presented. Very good presentation!”

Marc S.

“Awesome workshop, I just wish we had more time together!”

Michael G.

"Helped analyze myself! Thank you!!!”

HannahElise M.

“Such a great workshop and it helped me and my positive direction ahead.”

Cassie G.

“Found my gratitude!”

Kenny S.

"Many beautiful changes since starting this journey and deep appreciation for [Bobby's] genuine care and natural skill.

Wayra S.

"I was able to create a new vision for myself that I hadn’t seen prior to our meeting."

Gio S.

"Bobby has helped me gain clarity on what I want out of life and what I can do to get there."

Aric J.