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There’s a special place that houses all of our exclusive content. It’s the Free Minds Thrive Club, accessible to members only, conveniently through our mobile app (in the app stores) or our web portal at

Video workshops, live event recordings, mini coaching sessions, and more. If you’ve completed your 12 weeks with us in one of our coaching programs, or if you’re not quite ready to join us for live virtual coaching… the Free Minds Thrive Club is the place to get the right mindset and the right thinking and action tools to GET THRIVING NOW!

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Hi, I’m Bobby Vincench

Free Mind Coach, Master Certified
I’m Bobby Vincench, founder of Free Minds Thrive, as well as a personal coach and author. I’m a devoted dad and husband, experienced marketing and training expert, entrepreneur, and more. I have a Master Certification in Life Coaching by an ICF Accredited Institute, and developed every program at Free Minds Thrive to be as simple and effective as possible, and to encourage rapid progress and growth. Our coaching programs move fast to dig deep and get straight to whatever is going on, to identify and clarify ideas, and to “connect the dots” between each client’s thoughts, ideas and possibilities. I want to help you, I want to see the best you (whatever and whoever that is), and I know you want the same or you wouldn’t be here. If you aren’t ready to join me for one of my coaching programs, get signed up for the Free Minds Thrive Club today and GET THRIVING!

What Coach Bobby’s Clients Say

"Bobby [Coach] has been incredibly helpful. He listens, takes note of what’s important to me in the moment and on my mind and brings things together in a magical and natural way. Many beautiful changes since starting this journey and deep appreciation for his genuine care and natural skill."

Wayra S.

“I was in a place of uncertainty and indecision about my future. I was just letting life happen to me and felt like a victim. Bobby [Coach] has helped me gain clarity on what I want out of life and what I can do to get there. He really helps me sift through all of the thoughts in my head and get to the nut and bolts about what I want and how I can obtain it.”

Aric J.


“Bobby [Coach] advised me how to dig deep and turn my thoughts into actions. I was able to create a new vision for myself that I hadn’t seen prior to our meeting. Bobby takes the time to carefully consider thoughts and ideas, or any other issues you may be facing turning them into a reality with meaning and purpose.”

Gio S.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Is this a waste of money?"
This depends on whether you can benefit from a clearer and more free mind, and utilizing the newfound mindset and support from a coach to create and develop your better future! Consider how much money you invest in things besides your own growth and development… Are you investing enough in yourself? Aren’t you worth it? (You are!)
"What if I don’t get results?"

If you invest in yourself, SHOW UP, and take ACTION… you WILL get results (expected or unexpected)!

"What if I don't do the work?"

You must be committed to doing the work and making the change in order to benefit from working with any personal/life coach. Your coach is helping to guide you, get you thinking, holding you accountable to an extent… but this is your journey, your life, and your responsibility. You might be surprised by how productive and enthusiastic you are when your mind is more clear, more free, and more excited about the future.

"Will I get support in doing the work?"

“Doing the work” is ALL you. The goal here is to get you into a mindset and habit of doing the work to improve and better yourself. I’m here to be your partner, to be your best listener, to help you connect the dots and get your ideas clear, and to support you along the way. Free Minds Thrive Club is one way to get this done, easily and affordably!

"Will I be abandoned as soon as the payment goes through?"

Once you invest in yourself by working with me, our time together AND YOUR NEW CHAPTER IN LIFE begins. You’ll get your new member login information via email, and you’ll be ready to engage the content and THRIVE!

"What if this is yet another thing I sign up for and don’t finish?"

Only you know if you’re ready. If not now… when? It’s time to grow and thrive!

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