Coaching Client Service Agreement

Coaching Client Service Agreement (Last updated May 4th, 2024)

This Agreement between Free Minds Thrive, LLC (creator of the Your Thriving Legacy programs and products), hereinafter referred to as Free Minds Thrive or Coach, and any Client who uses any of our coaching services — sets forth the terms and conditions of the Client and Coach relationship. This Agreement may only be entered into by individuals 18 years old or older (not minors), and individuals who can commit to forward-looking change and growth in their life. This Agreement must be reviewed and agreed to in its entirety by any person who will be receiving coaching services from the Coach before any coaching (also referred to as confidence coaching, personal coaching, life coaching) sessions will be performed. By purchasing any of our programs and/or scheduling/joining coaching sessions by Free Minds Thrive (Your Thriving Legacy), you agree to all of these terms.

Policies and expectations are as follows:

  1. The Relationship Between Client and Coach
    1. The various coaching services and programs provided by Free Minds Thrive are conducted by Robert R. Vincench (Master Certified Life Coach, Confidence Coach) — otherwise known as Bobby Vincench.
    2. Coach will partner with the Client on a journey of self-discovery, self-exploration, growth, accountability, and follow-through. The Coach’s job is to ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully, assist the Client in discovering and clarifying their own thoughts and ideas and goals, challenge the Client’s current limiting thoughts and ideas, collaborate to clarify Client’s vision for their future, offer thoughts and ideas for consideration, and reach goals and growth in the Client’s life. The Coach will help the Client discover the current beliefs or issues that are blocking the Client from moving forward.
    3. The Coach operates from a particular coaching model. It is the responsibility of the Client to choose the ideas and plans that work for them, and follow through with implementation.
    4. Results may come in expected or unexpected forms (new perspective, realization, growth, new goal, original goal, etc.). Different ideas revealed by Client or shared by Coach may need to be tried before assessing and achieving results (always at the Client’s discretion). The coaching process works in different ways for different people, but it always comes down to the Client’s own mind, ideas, dedication, implementation, and perception.
    5. If Client has a previous or ongoing personal relationship with Robert R. Vincench: The Coach will treat all communication and business with every Client in the same way as any other client receiving these services. In order to receive the greatest benefit from this service, Client must commit to separating the Client-Coach relationship from any personal relationship. If the Client or Coach at any time feels that they can not separate the relationships, Client or Coach must communicate this and terminate the Client-Coach relationship as per any expectations and terms stated in this Agreement.
  1. Terms of Service
    1. Achieving any results desired and expected by the Client normally takes time. In order for coaching to be most effective and allow time for changes and results to begin to occur, Client should commit to a period of at least 3 months (or 12 weeks). At least one coaching session should occur per month.
    2. Either party (Client or Coach) may terminate the Client-Coach relationship at any time after agreeing to conduct at least one more (final) session before concluding the relationship and settling financially any outstanding fees. Termination of the Client-Coach relationship by either party must be provided in writing (email, text message, handwritten letter). A reason does not have to be provided by either the Client or the Coach, although providing such an explanation may be helpful for mutual understanding between the parties. Prepaid session(s), package or program amounts are non-refundable if the relationship is terminated by the Client (unless the funds are being returned as part of an explicitly provided guarantee in writing). If the Coach terminates the relationship and this Agreement, any unused portions of the prepaid amount (minus the value of one final mandatory session/meeting) will be returned to the Client via the original form of payment (pro-rated based on used and unused amounts).
  1. Single or Package/Program Session Purchases and Pricing
    1. Session purchases and pricing are bound by this Client Service Agreement. If a new/prospective Client purchases their initial sessions or package/program, but does not review, agree to and sign this Agreement within 15 days of making the purchase, the Coach will be unable to conduct any future session(s) with the Client until the Agreement is signed, and the Coach may decide to refund the Client for the purchase amount (minus a $100 fee).
    2. Current pricing information (including price per single coaching session, and pricing for multi-session packages/programs) is available upon request from the Coach prior to purchasing, or on the website. When any sessions are purchased in advance, either online or in-person, only current pricing and session details at the time of purchase are valid.
    3. Pricing is typically valid on a month-to-month basis, but may be changed at any time without notice (including changes to a previously advertised price for a new month). After the purchase of any sessions, there is no price matching/adjustment for future price changes (unless new additional sessions are purchased at a newer price, when new pricing becomes available).
    4. If a payment is made by the Client for any amount that does not adequately cover the current cost of the desired session(s) or package/program, the Coach will bill the Client for the additional amount necessary to cover the correct session(s) cost (with an explanation for the Client). If payment is not made to adequately cover the correct value of the desired session(s) within 15 days of billing/invoice, the original payment will be refunded (minus a $50 administrative fee).
    5. All prepaid single sessions or multi-session packages (not including subscription or other programs billed on a recurring basis, which may have special terms) must be used within 30 days of the purchase date of these sessions (unless stated otherwise in writing as part of special programs). Any such unused session(s), after 30 days of purchase, are forfeited by the Client. No refund or credit for forfeited sessions.
    6. Special programs (such as a 12 week program, or group coaching) may include terms that are different from information provided above, and such terms will be explicitly stated upon program purchase.
    7. Purchased sessions can only be used by the Client who purchased the session(s), and said Client must have an active Coach-Client relationship in order to utilize the session(s). If the Client is no longer considered to be a current client (relationship terminated by Coach or Client), the Client may receive a prorated refund of the unused portion of their purchased sessions (at the discretion of the Coach).
  1. Subscription Program Purchases and Payment Plan Pricing (Additional Terms)
    1. Ongoing subscription plan (also referred to as “programs” or a similar term) details are stated in each specific plan description at time of signup/payment. Sessions must occur per the guidelines of the specific subscription program or else be forfeited (non-refundable).
    2. Program subscription (charged each month or paid in full upfront) may be cancelled by Client or Coach at any time; any prepaid program periods are non-refundable (including full payments upfront), but may still be used by the Client (or forfeited if unused). Exceptions may be made (to the Client’s benefit) at Coach’s discretion based on special circumstances (but there is no obligation to do so).
    3. If billing cycle payment fails, the program subscription will be paused (no sessions will be conducted) until outstanding charges are paid; if failed billing cycle goes unpaid for 30 days or more, the program will be considered ended for the Client and the Client-Coach relationship will be ended as well (unless Coach agrees to work with Client again in the future, at Coach’s discretion, plus a $50 reactivation fee).
  1. Scheduled Sessions
    1. Regular 1:1 personal coaching sessions will be delivered by meeting at a specific time and place (virtual video/voice call, or in-person if local to the Coach) agreed upon by the Coach and Client. Sessions are billed in advance at the current rate for the month, or in advance as part of a multi-month program.
    2. Fees for scheduled sessions are payable in advance by the month or for a time period (such as 12 weeks).
    3. A single session is considered completed and used once a session has occurred in any form. Coach shall keep a record of session (and other related) purchases, as well as Client session use history; this record may be requested by the Client at any time in writing, and will be delivered digitally upon such request.
    4. Group coaching and other fixed schedule programs (with a set date and time determined by the Coach) occur as stated in the program details and emails provided to the Client by the Coach.
  1. Lateness to and Early Departure from Scheduled Sessions
    1. If Client arrives late to a scheduled session (within 20 minutes of scheduled start time) or leaves the session early, the full session will still begin and end at the scheduled times. Any unused portion of the session will be forfeited. At the Coach’s sole discretion (based on availability), the session end time may be extended to accommodate a late session start time; there is no obligation for the Coach to do so.
    2. If the Client does not show up for a scheduled session within the first 20 minutes, the full value and credit of the prepaid session will be forfeited. Coach will attempt to inform the Client of this forfeiture.
    3. If the Client must leave a session early (for any reason), the remaining time for the session is forfeited.
    4. If Coach arrives late to the session (within the first 20 minutes), the session’s start time will be updated to the time the Coach arrives.
    5. If the Coach must leave the session sooner than 10 minutes before its scheduled end time, the Client will receive a credit for the identical type of individual session that was originally scheduled, for use within 30 days from that date.
    6. If the Coach does not show up for a scheduled session within the first 20 minutes, the session is cancelled and the Client may reschedule for a later date and/or time. If this occurs without advance notice from the Coach, the Client keeps their session credit for future use, and will also receive a complimentary 30 minute session for use within 15 days.
  1. Cancellation of Scheduled 1:1 Coaching Sessions
    1. Cancellations prior to 24 hours before the scheduled session (that is, one day or more prior to the session) will not incur a fee, and the Client will keep their session credit for a future session (if session/program terms allow); this session credit must still be used within 30 days of its original purchase date (or as stated in the original purchase terms).
    2. Cancellation notice should be communicated by phone or email. Advance cancellation should also be reflected/updated on the Free Minds Thrive online scheduling calendar (either by the Coach or the Client) at (scheduling method subject to change).
    3. When the Client cancels a scheduled session appointment with less than 24 hours notice, this will result in a $50 late cancellation fee billed to the Client (or forfeiture of the full session value/credit if the $50 late cancellation fee remains unpaid after 15 days of cancelled session date).
  1. Additional Unscheduled 1:1 Calls
    1. Unscheduled 1:1 sessions and session duration extensions (including additional sessions outside of a program’s session-per-period limit) will be billed at a rate of $200 per up-to-30 minutes, after a grace period of 10 minutes. Example: An unscheduled phone call session of 50 minutes is charged $400 (50 minutes minus 10 minute grace period equals 40 minutes, charged as $200 for the first 30 minutes plus $200 for the second up-to-30 minutes). However, an occasional (not more than twice per month) 10 minute phone call or 10 minute session extension would not be billed any additional amount.
    2. Unscheduled 1:1 calls/sessions will be billed after the call/session, to be paid within 15 days. Payment after 15 days incurs an additional $25 fee. Unpaid bills could result in a freeze of the Client-Coach relationship, and previously purchased (unused) sessions will become unusable until the relationship is restored; if prepaid sessions expire during this time, the Client forfeits these sessions.
  1. Confidentiality
    1. The Client’s identity, relationship, and content of the sessions are strictly confidential, except in a situation where such confidentiality would violate the law, including (but not limited to) harm to self/others, child/elder abuse, and court-ordered subpoenas.
    2. Coach may record sessions with Clients (video call, voice call, etc.) and securely store these recordings for 7 years strictly for the purposes of legal matters and session review by the Coach. The Client will be notified verbally or in writing if a one-on-one session will be recorded by the Coach (in part or whole).
    3. All information, data and media (among other things relevant to operating Coach’s business)—relating to any communication or business between the Coach and Client — will be stored in various ways and means, in order to reasonably maintain confidentiality while also maintaining records and notes for coaching, business and legal purposes. All such information is intended to be accessed by Coach only.
    4. Coach and Client understand and agree to all risks involved in using the digital, cloud-based, electronic, and/or other tools and platforms involved in Coach’s business. A list of tools/platforms/services used by the Coach to conduct business with/for the Client is available upon written request by the Client.
    5. Coach makes every reasonable effort to secure and protect Client information, data and media. Coach will not be held liable if data is accessed inadvertently by others.
  1. Payment Method
    1. Free Minds Thrive, LLC utilizes various payment processors to service Client and accept payments (via invoices and other payment methods). Such processing services may include (but not limited to): Stripe, PayPal, Square. Coach may accept USD cash for in-person services, if requested.
    2. Client will be provided the necessary information to make payment(s) to Coach’s account(s).
  1. Liability
    1. Client agrees and understands that Free Minds Thrive, LLC and all of its employees are not medical or psychological professionals. Coach is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical practice, guidance and expertise. This contract is for coaching services only; Coach is not providing therapy, counseling or consulting. Results (expected or unexpected) are not guaranteed.
    2. If a situation arises where medical or psychological intervention is necessary or recommended, Coach is ethically and legally bound to refer the Client to seek a mental health or medical professional. It is the full responsibility of the Client to seek such professional help, when necessary and appropriate.
    3. The open and honest nature of the Coach-Client relationship makes it likely that certain personal, financial, intimate and/or other sensitive conversations about the Client’s life may occur. Any such information is shared voluntarily by the Client; Client is free to share only what they choose to share, and is fully responsible for anything shared with Coach.
  1. Jurisdiction and Disputes
    1. This Agreement is a legal document under the jurisdictions of the courts of the State of New York. If a dispute arises out of or relates to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the Coach and Client agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute directly, or by mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Mediation Procedures (before resorting to arbitration). If the dispute can not be resolved by mediation, it shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial (or other more appropriate) Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) shall constitute the conclusion of the dispute and be accepted by all parties involved.
  1. Modification/Amendment Clause
    1. This agreement can only be modified when proposed modifications are agreed upon by both parties, in writing, and signed by both parties.
  1. Severability
    1. If any provision of the Agreement shall be deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this Agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provision, and the remainder of this Agreement shall be interpreted so as best to affect the intent of the parties.
  1. Limited Media Consent/Release
    1. Client hereby authorizes Free Minds Thrive, LLC the right to use testimonials and other quote(s) provided by Client, pertaining to coaching activities for use in publications, presentations, promotional materials, advertising, marketing, social media, and/or other similar ways. If provided by Client to supplement or enhance a testimonial or other quote(s), Free Minds Thrive, LLC may use/display images and/or video for the same purposes listed above. Client consent is freely given as a public service to Free Minds Thrive, LLC, without expecting payment. Client releases Free Minds Thrive, LLC and their respective employees, members, partners, officers and agents from any and all liability which may arise from the use of this media in any way. Client understands that they can revoke this consent/release any time in writing and that the future release of any of Client’s media/information authorized by this release would immediately cease (excluding any places where the media is already in use and/or is now out of the control of Free Minds Thrive).

This Agreement supersedes (moving forward) any agreement(s) made/signed prior to the dates below.

I, the Client, have read this full Agreement, initialed each page, and agree to abide by all of its terms and conditions. I acknowledge receipt of my own copy of this Agreement. This Agreement and each party’s obligations shall be binding on the representatives, assigns and successors of each party.