Free Minds Thrive Trademarks

Free Minds Thrive, LLC claims the following trademarks (listed below on this page), with active (and further planned) usage in the listed categories (and possibly more in the near future). Please reach out to us directly for any comments, questions or concerns:

Free Minds Thrive™ – Our personal development and coaching business/brand.

Your Thriving Legacy™ – Our personal development and coaching business/brand.

Homeschooler House™ – Our brand offering specific services, tools and support for the homeschool community.

Life Bits™ – Our non-fiction printed and digital book series (originally published by our imprint Nonespot Publishing™, to be changed to Free Minds Thrive Books™).

Baybays Books™ – Our book publishing imprint for children’s books by the father-daughter creative team of R.R. Vincench and Ania Vincench.